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The Lighthouse
The Lighthouse

US, CA110 min.2019
Accessibilitynot suitable for minors under 12 years of age
Black and white / colourblack & white

Two men guard the lighthouse. A disheveled sailor with a penchant for alcohol and his young sidekick spend their days and nights on an inhospitable shore. The novice is trying to find his way to his master, not to fall into madness and to piece together the story of his place from the shards that have not yet been washed away from its shores. But what happens when the light shines on a really dark past? The enchanting Lighthouse by director and screenwriter Robert Eggers is among the key works of the so-called "elevated" horror, i.e. a trend that has been trying to rid the genre of its scrappy past for several years.

Projection of The Lighthouse at 4 ELEMENTS 25. Letný filmový festival (SVETLO)
11. Aug
Film was already screened